Monday, 28 November 2011

Mandy Broadley: Antfest

after the show,  a new antfest outside the exhibition hall
 and, after being asked to remove the ants' new home by an irate security guard....

Yadgar Ali Bagzada (Warzier Mirza): Half Journey

miniature tailoring.....
other works: Emma Wine: slate / Stephanie (Bee) Lee: Icon / Hannah Lamb: 'Enter the Woods'

Andy Hogan: cigarette paper landscape

at the base of the landmark lamp post forest in Bilbao city centre....

John Dixon: Mrs Milo does the washing up

....and 'Go with the flow' on a Bilbao bus timetable

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

human form

cigarette paper 'stickers'
Sinead Alleyne: Seductive Lips (Pyssla beads)
Gillian Cass: Embroidered Norman
Carl Thomas: Animation (sticker roll)
 Yadgar Ali Bagzada (Warzier Mirza)


'I Will Survive' (soap): Sally Child, 'mnemonic' book: Manya Donaque + Helen Birch ,
pebble/discs - Jo Oldfield
paper roll on floor: 'Animation' - Carl Thomas
Manya Donaque - 'momentos'
Emily Barker ?

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

3D stickers

Cath Westgarth: 'Man Juice' & Helen Wood: 'Keys'
Cath Westgarth
Jo Oldfield: pebble line (left of picture)
Jo Oldfield: pebble ceramic close-up
Jessica Convery: plasticine eye

Zishahn Shehzad: post-its


Thursday, 17 November 2011