Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Yayoi Kusama: Obliteration Room

Japanese artist Kusama provides stickers and a pure white space.
The public complete the installation. Genius idea
Images unashamedly taken from this source

TateShots video:

Monday, 23 January 2012

collage and fragments

Michael Boyes

Carmen Marin
 and then the show was over

objects: ceramic, glass, plastic, stone

Helen Birch 'Grand(mother)'
Victoria Wickes (bottles) + Hannah Lamb "Enter the Woods' (hexagon)
Cat Westgarth: 'Man Juice'

Jo Oldfield
Helen Birch

Terry Pearson: 'Te gusta o no te gusta?'

An interactive sticker piece. Place a red dot .
Direct translation: 'you like or you do not like'

other stickers nearby got the red dot treatment too ...
Arturo Cancio

Helen Birch

the eyes have it

Jess Convery - plasticine eye

Andrew Simmons - the hand of god? + the all seeing eyes? of Barry Ingham 

you are being watched

lamp post posts!

Bilbao Exhibition Centre is fronted by a large flood lit area. These tall lamp posts showed the ripped remains of previous stickers:

Carole  Walley

Kath O'Sullivan

Carole Walley

Emma Burton, Ayesha Tasneef

Yadgar Ali

Tom M. Rutherford, Laura Milner

stickers on stickers

An election was taking place in Bilbao when we attended the IKAS Art Fair.....consequently there were various anti and pro political faction posters about.
These pig politician posters became sticker sites...

Laura Millner

Ben Brown
also here